1 x in de 3 jaar is er een wereldkamp. In 2009 was het wereldkamp in India. Er is een Jong Nederlander naar toe geweest. Zijn ervaringen kun je hieronder lezen.

World Camp 2015 in Rwanda

Every 3 years FIMCAP organizes its World Camp. The next edition will be from 25th of July to 12th of August 2015 and will take place in Rwanda! The World Camp will be hosted by our friends of Xaveri Rwanda. Save the dates!

World Camp – general information
1. Aims of the World Camp
•The World Camp will be an encounter of young people. The whole world camp is a cultural exchange. Time for cultural and social exchanges between the participants of the different countries will be foreseen.
•The World Camp will be an encounter of cultures. Activities like songs, dances, games, and liturgy will be organized as a process of cross-cultural experiences. During the program the participants will learn about the reality of the host country and the host organisation. Through living together and staying in hosting families, participants get to know the reality of daily life, and especially the situation of the young people.
•The World Camp gives us the concrete opportunity to live solidarity. Participants will be involved in different projects to let them develop their creative talents for the service of communities. We want to commit ourselves in an integrative way towards different local communities.
•The World Camp will not be an isolated event. The participants will face situations in which they reflect on the difference of reality and possibilities, the impact it has on personal level and the messages and challenges it contains towards the own youth-organisation. Out of the practical experiences and the cultural exchanges during the World Camp, a message of Peace and Solidarity will be elaborated to send to the World. We also consider this World Camp as an opportunity to establish links with youth work organisations world wide, which may result in concrete partnerships.
•The World camp touches the participants. It wants to be an experience that touches the participants personally. An experience they take back home to their own local/regional organisation and their personal lives. In this way we stimulate young people towards international and intercultural open-mindness.

2. Participants
Each FIMCAP member organisation is invited to send 3 participants to the World Camp. Participants are between 20 and 30 years old and have experience in youth work. They are active on local or regional level within their organisation and prepared to pass on the experiences after the camp by means of games, articles, story-telling moments, active participation in the (inter)national level, …

3. Program
The program follows a certain structure:
- Common programme with all participants together (5-6 days)
- The group is split up in smaller groups of mixed nationalities. Each group goes to a local project and participants stay in host families, if possible (7-10 days)
- Common programme with all participants together and evaluation days (2-3 days)