EuroCamp 2017

EuroCamp 2017 wordt georganiseerd door de Katolische Jungschar in Oostenrijk. Het internationale kamp wordt gehouden van 4-13 augustus en is voor deelnemers van 16 tot 20 jaar.

What is Eurocamp?

Every year one of Fimcap Europe‘s member organisations hosts the EuroCamp. This year Katholische Jungschar from Austria is inviting you to take part in an extraordinary experience. About 60 participants from different organisations will be part of this amazing activity.
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Where and when?

Date: 4-13 August 2017
Where: Els im Waldviertel Austria

Requirements for participation?

* you are an enthusiastic person active in your organisation
* between the age of 16 and 20
* you can express yourself in English


- link for the inscriptions is here:  
- deadline for inscriptions is 26th May
- APV (advance planning visit) will be most probably 26 - 28 May in Vienna (we will confirm in next days)
- at the APV 2 people from country can take part (either 1 leader of the group and 1 participant or 1 member of planning team and 1 leader/participant)
- participation fee for EuroCamp will be 40 EUR
- for reimbursed travel costs and any questions on EuroCamp, use this address: