1 x in de 3 jaar is er een wereldkamp. In 2009 was het wereldkamp in India. Er is een Jong Nederlander naar toe geweest. Zijn ervaringen kun je hieronder lezen.

World Camp 2018: The Philippines

Every three years FIMCAP, the federation of catholic parochial youth movements, organizes a World Camp. After seven successful editions, in 2018 FIMCAP will organize the eighth edition of the World Camp in cooperation with Chiro Philippines.
From the 28th of July until the 19th of August, youth leaders from all over the world can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience during the World Camp in the Philippines.

• The World Camp is an encounter of young people. Participants are youth leaders between 20 and 30 years old. The host organization is asked to involve their local youth groups as much as possible in the program and projects.

• The World Camp is an encounter of cultures. Through working in local projects and living in hosting families, participants will experience the reality of daily life in the Philippines, and especially the situation of the young people there. Participants will also present their own culture and get to know the cultures of the other participants. Activities like songs, dances, games and liturgy will be organized as a process of cross-cultural experiences.

• The World Camp gives us the concrete opportunity to show and live solidarity. Participants will be involved in different projects and will develop their creative talents in supporting the local community.

• The World Camp is not an isolated event. The participants will face situations that will confront them with differences in reality and possibilities. It will be an experience they will take back home to their own local/regional organisation and their personal lives. We want to use this experience and stimulate the participants to share it with their peers.

Program of the World Camp

The World camp will take place from the 28th of July till the 19th of August 2018. The World Camp consists of 3 main parts (exact dates can still shift):

· 28/07 – 3/08 (Luzon region): getting to know each other, teambuilding games, getting to know the host country, presentations of participants and organizations, visiting local groups and the local area, reflections and sessions on the theme of the World Camp.

· 4/08 – 12/08: splitting up in smaller, mixed groups and working in different projects, while staying with local host families.

· 13/08 – 19/08 (Visayas region): Getting back together with the whole group and sharing the experiences, reflections and sessions on the theme of the World Camp, evaluation and closing.

Conditions to participate

- Age: between 20 and 30 years
- Experience in local and/or regional youth work, training in youth work
- Knowledge of English, French or Spanish + willingness to speak and learn other languages. The main language during the World Camp will be English and there will not always be somebody translating for you.
- Open mind and flexibility
- Respect for camp rules and local customs
- Optimism
- An active engagement for the full project (preparation, World Camp and follow up)
- To be prepared to pass on the experience in your local group, your youth organization and your community.
- Participants can only participate one time in a World Camp.

Fees and travel costs

- The participation fee for every participant is € 200.
- The participants of the European member organisations pay for their own travel costs. Should this be a problem, please contact the FIMCAP secretariat to look for a solution together.